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Feminist Times is recruiting members

Rather late:
Charlotte Raven has a website for her new venture. It is to be called Feminist Times: http://www.feministtimes.com. Hipbone was rejected by lawyers as being too closely associated with Spare Rib (a bit puzzling that). As a Daily Telegraph writer pointed out, backbone might in any case have been more appropriate.

Raven is also asking people to become members in order to fund the project.

You can pay anything from £111 a month to £5 a month to become a member. This is what we used in the old days to call a “funding subscriber”.

I think that Charlotte’s plan for funding is sensible and could work well as long as enough people get behind it. Its clear that a feminist magazine cannot work as a commercial project with the advertising subsidy that other women’s magazines attract and its equally clear that any magazine needs to be able to pay staff and contributors if it is to maintain quality over any sustained period.

I very much hope people will join and subscribe. I think a thoughtful magazine aimed at women would be a big plus. I am still sad that Raven didn’t try to resolve issues around reviving Spare Rib. I think they could have been resolved and we would all have been stronger as a result.

Sadly when women disagree its labelled a “cat fight” and something to be avoided at all costs. When men fall out they are not accused of ‘dog-fighting’ it is seen as a necessary process of competition during which new ideas emerge. We shouldn’t be afraid of conflict but we do have to learn how to use our skills of resolution rather than retreating into mutual recrimination and hurt.

I haven’t decided whether to subscribe, I want to see it first, but I certainly wish them luck.


Charlotte Raven chooses Hipbone

After a month of deliberation in which, according to a report in the Ham and High, the shortlist of names was thrown out, a new list was drawn up and the putative magazine’s paid-up members chose Hipbone.

This development has had little or no press coverage which seems to indicate just how important the title Spare Rib was to the project.

We will watch developments with great interest and keep you posted. Thanks to all those who have shown an interest to date. AP

From Marsha Rowe and Rosie Boycott to Charlotte Raven

Charlotte Raven will announce next week the new name of her magazine. Personally I am sad that she took the impetuous step of announcing the re-launch of our magazine without talking to us (yes that really happened). Most of us would have loved to see Spare Rib re-born but this was not the way to do it. With her energy, determination and contacts I am sure that she will launch a magazine that will be talked about. With any luck it will also be sustainable. I will certainly check it out. AP

Here is a statement from Marsha and Rosie:

We would have liked to work with Charlotte on her venture, and we are sorry not to be involved.

We were flattered that she wanted to use our name, but she should have realised that, if she wanted to build on its reputation, she needed first to have asked us and to have our blessing.

It is important for young feminists voices to be heard, and the more feminist website networks and magazines there are, the better. We wish Charlotte lots of luck, and wish it had turned out differently.

Marsha Rowe and Rosie Boycott